Critérium du Dauphiné 2023, June 4 - 11

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I think you've described the wrong Yates brother there, although Simon is sometimes capable of consistency in GTs. Adam can be very consistent over 3 weeks but outside of the UAE Tour he generally lacks the top end of others and has to ride conservatively. He just doesn't seem to have that extra gear that Kuss and his brother can reach on their day.

I think Kuss' great performances have to be read in the context of the race, I.E. like non-GC Porte/Poels he is able to ride gruppetto saving energy until the high mountains where they end up still being there in a very small group of riders who don't have the luxury.

I haven't seen Yates' in a purely domestique role yet but his performances on Hafeet and Thyon 2000 this year are at least close to the best his brother and Kuss have done and I think he can be of similar value having to appear at the right moments, without the cumulative fatigue of having to ride GC the entire race.

Unless the UAE owners have him try and top 10 for the UCI points like they've been having all their riders do this year.