Critérium du Dauphiné May 30-June 6 2021

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It's time for somebody else other than Ineos to win a WT stage race. Gaudu would be nice, but if this happens, the expectations and pressure in the Tour will be sky high for him, almost Remco like.
It appears like FDJ's plan for the Tour is to mainly focus on the sprints with Demare, and then let Gaudu ride for the GC "on the side", with some support from Madouas. Hopefully that would mean that people would accept that he's not going win the Tour no matter how well he does here.
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Come now, the 248km Signal d'Uchon stage in the Tour is actually the kind of thing we've been asking for. Let's give them credit for the Tour where it's due. It isn't due often but, to be honest, there are actually a lot of things to like about this year's Tour route. Sometimes the execution leaves a bit to be desired, but there are some good ideas there that fit in with the kind of things people have been asking for.
All the profiles still aren't out so I don't know what that one looks like, but I'm very sceptical about anything happening after a murito 18km from the finish in a Tour stage. And I could forgive a lot if they didn't make 80% of their mountain stages extremely stripped down and boring without even putting in legit queen stages.
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