Cro Race, Croatia 27.09-02.10

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You can leave an conti team whenever you want. Development team is conti.

Yeah, you are right. Had forgotten about that.

Depends on what he wants but DSM have developed plenty of young riders with pretty good results for some time now. Arensman being the latest good example of that. Their set up seems to be working great for a lot of riders and others not so much. They seem to have trouble keeping them once they made some strong results or had fallouts with some riders for different reasons. Strange team, in that regard.

Signing a 2 year contract at this stage of his career, if he is happy with the team, seems like a good idea for both though.
So Vinge wins but barely. Onley was super strong and did more work before the final jump. Will Mohoric and Onley try sth tomorrow with just 8 second to get? Obviously it was possible only because the monstrous Milan had a day-off, otherwise he would stomp Vinge there.
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I've never seen a proper stage race decided literally in the last second (!), like today.
Also I've never seen a sprinter fist-pumping when clearly losing a sprint to a non-teammate.
Kudos to Mohoric, he absolutely crushed the Fisherman in the GC (by about one second).
Does this count? It's difficult to tell when exactly it was decided.

Well, kind of expected after the intermediate bonis.

Management of the race is the best part of it.
Great field they've attracted and kept open till the last pedal stroke.
Too bad the cycling is still at the underground level there.
I'm not sure that we can call the race management great if a large proportion of the peloton goes the wrong way with 1.5 to go. A bunch of riders must have thought they suddenly had a much better chance for the stage win.
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