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Cycling, a deeply criminal business

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Mar 10, 2009
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The Hitch said:
Millar is not in a better position than anyone on this forum. For 1 he has a **** poor record at identifying clean riders having pushed his weight behind Piepoli, Contador and on a different level, Mcquaid.

For another, had he been voicing a different opinion he would be widely dismissed as a proven cheat. he is, unlike most posters on here, a proven cheat.

Didn't Garmin, I mean Millar (as he's a fellow team owner) almost sign Contador. How that would of played out would of been just too too funny :D

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Angliru said:
How can he refer to it as him cleaning up "their mess"?

He should of said "Our Mess", he was busted in 2004, during the conspiracies hay days.
Sep 6, 2012
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He can claim whatever he wants but we've been down that path before and it's not going so well.
Make a claim and provide the proof or STFU.

All these teams have doctors with a surprising amount of blood experience.
I'd like to see a weekly blood test for each pro tour rider published within 7 days with full time reviewers charting, publishing and commenting on the results.
If a dodgy result is seen then the testing shifts to daily testing for a fixed period.
Run this system for a few years and then assess the results and attempt to dial it down.
Of course there will be complaints about liberty and privacy but these guys are professionals - it's their job. Plenty of us have plenty of obligations to remain in our chosen professions. There are other jobs out there.
I'd also like to see riders insuring against their winnings, just like professionals in other areas have indemnity insurance so that the debate about returning winnings can be silenced. Of course the insurance companies will want a scheme like that I have suggested before they go anywhere near cycling.
Above all I want to see the sport adjusted so that the obvious choice is to turn in a transgressor rather then the current system that rewards silence; I believe in carrots as well as sticks.
But that's probably belongs in another thread but until the evidence is irrefutable then Miller and his mates can just pi$$ off their sales pitch - it's just a waste of their breath and our time.