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Cycling on USA TVs, desktops, laptops, and handheld devices

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I watched it on cycling.tv a pirated stream. No sound but it didn't drop the pic once! So, I have no idea who was calling the race :).
I tried to watch Tiz (should have tried cycling.tv instead!) - Tiz also came with no sound and unfortunately it really started acting up later in the race. So I threw my hands up in the air and just sort of gave up, I'll have to watch a full replay of the men's rr one of these days. Does anyone have a link to it, btw.? Apparently I'm a dunce at finding cycling links on youtube...
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Yea, I enjoy Nico’s stories and inside information of being a pro, the teams, and the hotels.

And to think GCN wouldn't have him for GTs and got that empty vessel Adam Blythe to talk fooolishness all day long instead while Rob Hatch went into hyper annoying mode

Nico should be commenting at the Vuelta ..his favourite race ..lots of stories to tell on that
I've pretty much given up on USA TV presentations. All year I've VPNed into Australia and watched streaming on SBS. So it is the only the cost of my VPN of which I use and have anyway. And SBS have televised (streamed) pretty much every race I wanted to see. The announcers aren't the best, but I'm getting used to them and their accent. If only they would keep Simon Gerrans from talking so much.

BTW, this stage 1 of the Tour of Spain is the most F-up'ed stage I have ever watched, from the start on the plastic/rubber concourse at the start of the race when it is raining, to nighttime commencing half-way thru the race.
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