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Cycling on USA TVs, desktops, laptops, and handheld devices

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Is the real time data actually real time? Like when the wattages are displayed and it says 400W when a rider is freewheeling, and 50W when they’re attacking on a climb?

Will the team radio be just basic stuff or actually anything insightful?

Only heard one team radio transmission today but it was real time. 5 teams didn't sign up for it, But either they turned it off or it wasn't working because there was only that one. Granted I didn't sit through All of the stage but a good 80% on the Worldfeed on Peacock with no commercials.
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I still cannot figure out why NBC must rely on the world feed for the advertisement free option.
Eurosport , for one, seems to easily transition with ads being on or off.

NBC did fine keeping peacock commercial free for every single previous race this year. PN, PR, CDD, LBL, FW were all commercial free.

They probably have the summer interns handing the NBC feed of the tour
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I never mentioned TV, only streams.

I did this today and the streams were within seconds of each other.
Near the end of the race the commercial breaks were so bad I to shut off the peasant stream. Which also took a very long break during the final climb. Amazingly bad production values from peacock on that.
I've been out of town for the holiday. Sorry I misunderstood :)
Peacock can't keep their images and audio in sync this morning.

And their studio show I'm watching for the first time. I don't see the point of Bewley ....a very modest career as a cyclist and not bowling me over with presentation skills.

Is that Barta? Brookwalter? Not a natural in this role.

I guess the best thing I can say about the studio show is it has a dignity to it. I used think I wanted things more dignified but now the "careful what you wish for" phrase is coming to mind.
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