Danish fairytales

Bummed that the Danes aren't getting enough credit for their doping success. Chapeau to Vinnie for out-glowing the great Pog. Pog was generous in his congratulations.
I went fishing yesterday, because I was confident the stage was going to be a bit too much. It didn't disappoint. Either Pog was going to drop a massive watt bomb and make a race of it or Vinnie was going to confirm that he's the strongest. I was most shocked by Wout's performance. Forget about numbers. A classics rider doing that was truly exceptional. Meanwhile MAL (whose career has stagnated) gets caught. Next year, we'll have two established riders contesting the Tour. Some others will fine tune and might get a little closer to the duo. We'll accept it and tune in because we know it's going to be a contest and it's better than the one horse towns we got with Lance and Froome.