Dear Father Christmas

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one of these please

Nov 21, 2009
Moondance said:
Making value judgments like this even though you know nothing about me is not what I would consider justifiable. You may be right about your assertion concerning me, and you may not be right, but that is for neither of us to say. I am not a Christian (although I do know many who do) who claims moral superiority over all those who do not share their view of what morality is, or what values they have, religious or otherwise. Suffice it to say that I am somewhat taken aback by your attacks on my character. I am also amused somewhat by your claim that I am a 'usual follower' of Christianity, but it does go to show how little you know about me.

Secondly, you rejected the fact that this is a language game from the onset. I feel it serves to highlight Wittgenstein's concept of of a language games quite well. We have different backgrounds, you and I, and were raised in a different ways, as such complex words like 'God' or 'belief' will never hold the same meaning for me as they do for you. Words can never be considered neutral or impartial. We cannot separate our meanings because they have been so deeply ingrained into both yourself and myself.

I am however, perfectly willing to change the quote. To me, both versions carry the same meaning. If I have made this gross error of intellectual dishonesty in your eyes, all I can say that it was not conscious effort on my part to distort his meaning to suit whatever agenda you perceive me to have. I took it from somewhere where I read it without thinking to much about the source of the translation. For this I will apologize.

No apology necessary ... except from me.