Denial, non-denial, creadability and lies

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Jul 25, 2009
Thanks alpe

Has Tyler said something? I didn't include him so far because I didn't find anywhere that he was absolutely implicated.

So far it looks like the riders are mostly staying quiet and the managers/administrators are denying.....
Feb 14, 2010
Chechu Rubiera non-denial

He also says Lance will be to five at the Tour, and faster this year. Google Translate

During the Tour of California the American Floyd Landis became transfusion statements about Armstrong and fellow U.S. Postal in 2004. Chechu Rubiera argues that "the American press picked up the charges to Armstrong, myself and other colleagues from those years. Should be able to read what it says, because Floyd is a person with many problems and little credibility, because people raised money from their country to pay for his defense and now says he is guilty. Undoubtedly, he is a liar, sooner or later. "

The Gijón on Landis reiterated that "you can not believe a character like that. I think before you speak would have to prove it. We hit at the time because the image of all is deteriorating, but we are also reassured by what he says. I think that in a few days everything back to normal. "