Did Sky's stupidity save Contador

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De Jongh and Rogers, took what they knew and now Saxo are on the same program as sky.

Considering sky paid Rogers first years salary at Saxo I bet they're less than happy!
Mar 9, 2013
Rhuborma like me got caught up in the moment. I thought domination for Contador this year. When you see yday and the fact he overturned a huge defecit on hardly anything i would like too see you're response now. Also you show alot of disrespect towards Froome. He is the only challenge to Contador when healthy and same vice versa so Contador being the greatest when he is healthy, well Froome must be pretty damn good aswell.

Put it this way it would be boring if one of these was not around, also people think because he as 1 GT he can never compare to the very best Contador. Froome was epic on a few stages of that TDF his times would rival anyone. Contador is back to his best and they wallope the field by 2 mins plus, seperated by seconds. No one can say who is the stronger. Froome is also very motivated unlike Wiggins ever was, you can tell Froome wants it bad every race he enters he attacks like crazy that proves it too me:).