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Difference between Floyd and Armstrong?

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Copycat thread at bikeradar:


Some commentary about this forum, too:

My point was that on this forum posters can converse on a wide range of cycling matters in an adult manner. Over at cyclingnews, they're forever posting about LA, regardless of the thread, just to prove to the others that they belong in their club. These 'jokes' are an example of a poster thinking "If I do a funny list of differences between Landis and Armstrong then the forum will accept me, they will know I'm one of them. Hey look forum! Please validate me!".

It's really quite pathetic. Most of the time we're above that sort of think over here. (Of course there are exceptions).
Jun 19, 2009
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SpartacusRox said:
I have to say, he has a point...

No doubt there is some "piling on". But you now have one of the most controversial public figures of the decade being questioned on terms of ethics, honesty and fairness. The fawning from the supportive side is backed by sponsor dollars for profit while the "naysayers" are folks speaking about sincere misgivings concerning a former iconic performer. A performer who prevailed after the infamous Festina debacle and was lionized by the UCI as the saviour of the sport and a Champion of Cancer Research.
When most of the moneyed boosters have a profit margin to protect do you expect a balanced argument?
pedaling squares said:
No offence intended 95 but this has been covered in depth in other threads. Given the current state of the forum, being July, this is only going to invite the 43rd coming of the usual pro-Lance, anti-Floyd, pro-Floyd, Lance sucks, and Lemond rules/sucks/is bitter comments.

I think it's all in fun... like presidential jokes. I don't think there's any harm. Even if 95 was taking aim, he's still entitled to his opinion. I am a LA fan, but 95 just might be right, no joke. I really liked the $120,000,000 difference somebody submitted.