Do You Enjoy Watching Races?

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Do You Enjoy Watching Races?

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Jul 8, 2012
Damn picked the wrong option.

As much as I hate to say it, take away two superhuman performances and we would have such amazing racing to watch. And yeah I know , jrod piti and nibbs are pretty much dopers too, but it really feels like we'd have relatively even racers competing .
Feb 23, 2011
Cycling will never be a clean sport.

I read a book about Paris Roubaix this summer and it makes you realise that since professional cycling started many years ago the nucleus of its race organisation has stemmed from L'Equipe & ASO. This old boys network of race organisation and administration has remained unchanged with the UCI getting in on the party in recent years along with other race organisers.

The riders have always cheated in one form or another and the individuals who race professionally have always been eccentric characters to say the least. You only have to look at recent tour winners to see that they are all pretty "quirky" characters. The problem is that the romance and heritage of the sport is so intrinsically linked with lovable rogues for cycling to make a break from this would be a massive step.

Dodgy deals, bribes, & performance enhancing are the lifeblood of professional cycling and unless they pretty much tear up the current system and start again this is the way it will be for the next 100 yrs.

I enjoy watching races but I don't like riders insulting the publics intelligence. The public aren't stupid and when something looks unbelievable it generally is - the history of cycling has proven to fans that this is the case.

The other thing that gripes me is that Pro's seem to think that what they are doing is some kind of noble act of martyrdom at the alter of Professional Sport & suffering and that they are solving the worlds problems by engaging in such a touch profession. Don't get me wrong Cycling is a hard sport but these guys do have a choice to follow this career path and whenever a doping story kicks off they retreat into this self righteous world of martyrdom.
In before it's closed....

not subtle enough options...

+yes I love watching races...
+Yes I like to get out on my bike as often as I can and...
+sometimes riding gets precedence over watching races...
People who don't like doping races, probably stopped watching pro cycling a long, long, long time ago.. If they ever started, that is..

Love watching the races.
Skeptical? About the doping? Not to much to be skeptical about, it's where it has always been and seems to be working better than ever, really:)


Aug 22, 2013
FunkyChamois said:
Do any of you enjoy watching races?
In 1984 my friends and I were watching the Olympic RR in Mission Viejo, CA (USA). We wanted to be sure we could leave the course and get into a friend's apartment in time to see the final lap and finish on TV. That pretty much made the point for most folks. They want to see the race.

I also saw the Tour of California in 2009 (I think) with Levi, Lance coming up the hill. It was very electrifying seeing all the escort before the riders showed up.

I definitely like watching on TV - when I know something about the riders. In person, generally, not so much.
Jul 30, 2009
It says a lot for the beauty and appeal of the sport that even mutant performances by a geriatric and a Murdoch sanctioned plastic Brit can't spoil my love for it

The Angliru stage was still awesome even though you knew what was happening and why