Dr. Ashenden - a man of principle!

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Jul 29, 2009
Can't believe how quick people forget. Can't believe people think Armstrong would "change"? "Character" is built to a high degree within the first 6 years of a persons life. It just doesn't change suddenly because someone was caught and lost millions. A cheater will stay a cheater. And therapy does very rarely work with psychopathic men. It sometimes works after they have a complete breakdown. It takes 30 seconds to assess that Armstrong didn't change one bit. He is just smart and tries to play his way out of this mess. He gives a f*** about cleaning up cycling. Just don't be stupid people. Don't give this man any platform. Ignore Armstrong. Cycling doesn't need him to clean this up. He is just using everyone. Ashenden and Tygard are looking right through him and they can be trusted. Forget all the other clowns. Even if they mean well they are not smart enough.



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