Dylan Groenewegen discussion thread

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Ah ok. So who is his final lead out at the Giro? Dekker is obviously the fastest teammate but usually sprinters want an experienced guy.
Yeah I understand what you are saying, I think Dekker is probably a backup plan and not necessarily a leadout. I would imagine its van Emden's job to make sure Groenenwegen is in a good position before the final k and then he will have to rely on his positioning and take advantage of other teams/sprinters, pretty much like it is for van Aert.
Dekker seems like a skillful and handy guy. I don't see the point in bringing both, if not to have Dekker involved in the leadout. Is he supposed to bide his time in the back of the peloton until Groenewegen has a bad day (which more likely than not, he'll only say/know after the stage)? I obviously don't know what the teamorders are, but imho it would make sense for Dekker to lead out Groenewegen. Van Emden/Affini/Martens could lead them into the final 1k. I also don't know if at this time, with the entire Groenewegen situation, it's a good idea to have him pick wheels in the final km's of rivals. Not only is it his first race (and a big one at that), i think for his own good, it would be better to rely on teammates.
That way it becomes a learning experience for Dekker as well. And in case Groenewegen can't do the job, there will be some routine between Dekker and his leadout guys.
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I'm not really sure anybody (even Jumbo) knows if Groenewegen is physically and mentally ready for GT sprints. He's been away from the sport for almost a year and sure has some burden to carry. Dekker might be asked to be the main sprinter in case Groenewegen is not up to the task.
But yeah, I agree he could serve as a leadout if everything goes according to plans with Dylan.