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jaylew said:
Dani Martinez was attacked by a motorist, has amnesia and can't even remember transferring to EF. Scary. Hope he's ok, he's had a terrific start to the season.

I got knocked out playing rugby once. In the hospital the doctor asked me if I knew where I was and I had to look down at the colour of the socks and shorts I was wearing to know if I was playing for my club in Dublin, or San Diego.

I made a full recovery, but it was scary at the time and I had to take a few days off work. It sounds like he’s being well taken care of, so hopefully he just takes the time to heal fully and eases his way back into the bike.
Re: Cannondale-Drapac

Anderis said:
Even as a fan of the Slipstream team, I have to admit that I understand why would Vaughters be annoying to some people.

The other thing is that he sometimes gets a lot of criticism that doesn't really address things he is actually doing wrong. But I guess he is not the only person in the world to experience that. Some people just like to say *** about others so that they don't have to focus on their own mistakes.

I like Vaughters. I met him a few times when Slipstream was riding only smaller races before they signed Vande Vende and Zabriskie . He was a pretty humble guy in person.
Re: Cannondale-Drapac

perico said:
I like Vaughters. I met him a few times when Slipstream was riding only smaller races before they signed Vande Vende and Zabriskie . He was a pretty humble guy in person.
I don't know Vaughters personally. I find that in the press he might sound a bit hypocritical and tends to overhype his team just a bit too much. Dunno, maybe that's a cultural thing. My nation seems to be much more pessimistic than Americans, so I judge by my culture's standards.

So as the thread has been rejuvenated, here are my couple of recent thoughts:

Vaughters about re-signing Vanmarcke and Langeveld.
"These re-signings mark the first time since 2012 that we’ve had the fiscal stability to think about the future beyond one or two seasons."
I hope then that EF will sign some interesting riders for 2019 and beyond, because the potential of current team seems to have shrinked at bit since last year. I find their 2018 roster a tad weakish. They could never count on hiring big names who would let the wins flowing. What they were doing in recent years was to base on collective strength of many decentish riders from which one or another would hit a surprising result from time to time. Now there seems to be not enough depth for that to work often enough.

The next step should be to re-sign Dani Martinez, who was reportedly signed just on one-year deal. I have never understood that, unless it was Martinez himself who wanted just one year (which would also be strange: if he doesn't have enough trust in that team: why to sign with them at all?). I hope he gets well soon enough because with the injuries of S. Clarke and Moreno, it would be hard to bring a decent team with options/support for Ardennes.

There was also a talk from the team about Vanmarcke changing approach to how he races the cobbled classics. I had a thought during Dwars door Vlaanderen that he seems to be underestimating his abilities to do well in the final kilometers so he tries too many pointless attacks and is indeed left with empty tank for the end of the race. I feel he could have gotten a win or two if he just saved more for a sprint or one proper attack attempt within last 10 kilometers, when others would hesitate. His sprint cannot be that bad. He beat Boonen in Omloop in 2012 and last year, he got a couple of top5's in big group sprints at WT level, even beating some proper sprinters there. It seems like head and not legs are his problem, especially if he gets away in a group with many big names missing, like the last race or that PR which was won by Hayman.
His consistency is excellent. I don't think there has been a rider who was at the right part of the split in cobbled classics more often than him in recent years. Sometimes to win a race you need to be ready to lose it. Riders are often criticised for being too passive, but in this case, Sep just tries to get away from the rest of the group maybe a bit too hard. Maybe a win will come if he is ready to risk going into the final kilometers in a group with some riders theoretically faster than him, if you know what I mean.
Re: Cannondale-Drapac

Nice ride by Michael Woods, 2nd in Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Surprised he hasn't got a thread of his own yet. Here's hoping for his breakthrough big win in a major stage at the Giro. Assume he is riding at the Giro if he is in form now?
Wonder how he is feeling about being the guy who lost Jungels' wheel at the top of the climb when Jungels went? Kicking himself that he wasn't in a two-up sprint for the win? Thrilled he got second knowing he couldn't hang on to Jungels for 15k on the flat? Pissed off that no-one came round him after he had done the work of holding onto Bob up the climb? Was it too little racecraft or a fair but unlucky assessment of the situation that meant he allowed Jungels to get away?
Re: Cannondale-Drapac

Anderis said:
He is doing OK. Would've finished 7th in Catalunya this year had he not punctured in the final kilometers of the last stage.

He was already that level in 2016, so basically he is at best the same level now, and in many other races he has been completely anonymous. I think most would have expected a lot more from him the last 2 years. Hopefully in the Giro he will finally do a good Grand Tour so we can start considdering him a big talent again.
Yes, he didn't progress as much as some would hope but that's often the case with young riders. We expect everyone who did something worth of notice before turnig 23 to be the next big thing but there is a limited number of riders who can do big things. There are too many riders expected to do well at some point for all of them to fit in that limited number. Carthy's 2016 results were promising but not as much as some other riders at similar age. And a rider like Benoot still hasn't improved on his very first monument, for example. It's impossible for every rider to be getting linearly better results with age.

I think that Catalunya performance alone justifies that he is still one of the 5 or so best climbers among riders who are currently 23 or younger so it's not like he is doing badly in absolute terms. And even currently he is sitting 16th overall in Romandie, after a couple of stages that didn't really match his strenghts. That's not bad as for a rider of his age.

I'm not so optimistic about his Giro as I've read some time ago that he just doesn't handle the fatigue over multiple of stages well and it's kind of visible in his results throughout his career.

This rider is set to ride the Tour according to EF's twitter.

If you can recognize by his arms/legs if this is Dani Martinez or not, you may have a clue. :razz:

Pulling together our #Tour2018 announcement. All the feels with this one: "Being chosen to race, to help @UranRigoberto as much as possible, makes me incredibly proud. To start the Tour is to fulfill a piece of my dream."
Maybe I'm misinterpreting, but the tweet actually sounds like a TdF rookie and Martinez is by far the most likely EF rider to make a TdF debut this year.
There are plenty of riders who could, in theory, make a TdF debut with EF this year, but Martinez is the only one who deserved it based on a sporting level shown in recent months and has not raced the Giro this year.

Canty has been rather disappointing since he joined the team and Will Clarke is not really a TdF level IMO. Same goes for Cardona, Logan Owen, and Magnusson (all neo-pros). The rest has either raced at TdF before or made a Giro appearance this year.

But I never get their selection for TdF right so there might be a name in it I would have never suspected!

EDIT: cyclingfever has Dani Martinez on the startlist.