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Uran/Higuita/TJV/Carthy on paper is a quite good climbing team -- they've all really shined at one point or another.

On an unrelated point, I can't believe Uran is only 33. Seems like he's been racing at a high level since Lance and Jan were duking it out...(which he actually has, almost)
Yup, remember how he impressed us all in the Tour of Swiss while riding for Unibet.
Not affected as in sick, but he had some bad days where he could barely train. No peak form.

You can have longer term effects of Covid-19.
I repeat Keukeliere will not be racing if he was still affected by COVID19 - I heard the interview when he disclosed he thought he caught COVID 19 but he was never actually tested for the virus - He also stated his training numbers are back to normal.
Jul 15, 2019
Regarding stage wins- EF had plenty of good climbers with significant time losses, yet they didn't manage to put anyone in the breakaway today- that was quite disappointing IMO.
None of them have raced since March. Van Garderen (@49:25) and Carthy (@39:49) especially don't look to have the form to do anything. Higuita I'll assume was affected by the crash.

They look severely undercooked ahead of the Tour. Why haven't they entered any non-WT races?
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Yet another day without anyone in the break, even such a big breakaway as today. Even if some riders are not in their best shape, what do they have to lose?

It's been fun to follow the team through 2019 and early 2020 but it's become a bit frustrating recently again. I hope for some little turn-around soon.
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Better now?
I'm happy to see a breakthrough performance and result for Dani, but let's be honest, the rest of the team has been far from stellar and I'm still frustrated about the lack of participation in non-WT races as well as lack of good news regarding transfer market, not much has changed in the last few days.

Nonetheless, this is a first big stage race won by the team since 2014 so it speaks for itself that the team is able to take big wins again after a few years of struggling. Things used to be much worse, no doubt. It's just that I have had high expectations after the last 1.5 years.
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My predicted TdF roster:
Martinez, Higuita, Uran, Woods, Kangert, Bettiol, Clarke, Keukeleire
We'll see how many I get right. :p

EDIT: I'm least sure about Woods. I think he could easilly be replaced by someone else, especially since he's leaving at the end of the year. I would honestly consider Guerreiro but he doesn't seem to be on the shortlist. It could be between Powless, Carthy and Van Garderen, but I think the plan for Carthy before the covid outbreak was to lead the Giro, Van Garderen has no form at all and I'm not convinced about Powless.
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Aug 17, 2020
Who knows what their plan is for the remaining GT’s. It’s hard to question what might seem strange when we’ve been living in a bizarro strange world since COVId broke. It’s interesting that’s for sure.

Surely you would have Clarke in before Tejay - A strange selection.
He just copy/pasted it from procyclingstats so I wouldn't assume it's correct though it could be.
I can't find info on PCS that Clarke and Cort are backups.

I'm also confused because EF appear to confirm riders one by one on their twitter and so far they've confirmed 2 out of 8- Uran and Higuita. Although the final roster may well be the same as on PCS, I would be surprised if it's already officially confirmed.
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