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Effects of coronavirus on professional races

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So is the Giro next?

i think it's optimistic to say that the Italian races are postponed. No one knows at this point what the situation will be like in a few months.
I think one day races are fairly feasable to postpone and put in another time slot provided there's enough time in advance. Tirreno should be harder though. Giro impossible I reckon.

Maybe the Giro can create an alternate route, including a finish on the Angliru at the end of the 2nd week.
As a true cycling aficionado, and the atmosphere of the spring classics in particular, this current situation really feels to me as a mood breaker. Of course, you don't have to explain me the importance of health and the protection of people, but to be fairly honest we don't really know how to estimate the danger of this epidemic. With the almost ancient idea of 'cycling never stops' in mind, I still had hope our beloved sport would see through all of this. But I guess it's for the best. Doesn't make it less upsetting though. I have all my fingers crossed for the cobbled classics. Take them away and the hearts of Flemish and many more cycling fans will break.

On a sidenote: I know at least someone might be enthusiastic about racing Milan-Sanremo at the end of Octobre #striveforfive
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More like Super October.

Crazy season.
Like the Olympics and Worlds weren't enough, now there's possible March - October inversion.
Someone should look for Sagan and his opinion. Right when he planned to end his season after the Olympics the virus strikes...

Not really sure how it could work.

WCC Road Race 09/27
Milan-Torino, Tre Valli Varesine, Gran Piemonte 10/06, 10/07, 10/08
Lombardia 10/10
Tireno ?
Milan San Remo?
You keep saying this but are you really thinking that in all future we will never regain normality ever again?

That seems a bit pessimistic...

I personally am optimistic and feel that eventually we likely will all get ill by the coronavirous. In the next couple of flu seasons. The sky likely won't be falling because of that. But i can understand, on why all racing got canceled this year and on how the same thing might happen again in October. This year i feel that the most we will get out of cycling season is an explosive Tour. Therefore there will at least be something. By the start of the next cycling season, hopefully people will in general get resistant enough, for coronavirus not to cause such outcomes anymore.

P.S. Anyway, try to stay healthy, don't panic if that won't happen and see you all at the Tour 2020!
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Maybe just hit "pause" on the entire WT calendar right now, start up again in June with the TdF warm up races and go until November. Not even sure you could squeeze in the Giro right now, given that covid-19 hasn't hit France or Germany with any force yet, not to mention Spain or the UK. Even if Italy is declared a "go" zone by the end March (but likely mid April)

It's depressing but it is what it is. I'd rather see no racing than have asterisks aside P-N etc because half the teams didn't show up.