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Likely he just needs to adapt to altitude and racing rhythm again. He survived first two stages. That was more or less crucial. If nothing unexpected happens then stage 3 and 4 should be a good training rides. On stage 5 he should i guess be just right, like as he would do Dauphiné before the Tour. In perfect racing form.
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Nov 24, 2020
I don't have any specific info on Rog's cough, but I've seen it from other endurance athletes after a hard effort -- some coughing after finishing. Seen it from distance runners as well as cyclists. It could be nothing.
I would tend to agree, probably just from the huge effort at the finish.
There are too many personal vested interests for different teams after a stage like today's ergo no one will make a unified stand against madness (stage design + peloton behavior). I mean just look at how certain teams have benefitted from the carnage (in terms of GC prospects & sprint stage victories).

So Roglic will continue, lose the Tour & afterwards people will unironically say "tough luck, you shouldn't have crashed & you weren't going to beat Pogacar anyway". Rinse repeat for Pogacar if he finds himself in the same position, i.e. "tough luck, but Carapaz deserves it for staying on his bike" etc.

It just makes the entire concept of being the best, training hard & preparing for the Tour so redundant based on the nature of the crash lottery.
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