FIFA World Cup league

Apr 30, 2018
Armchair cyclist said:
Anyone fancy joining in a prediction league for the WC? If I don't do something to make it impinge on my attention, I'll know nothing at all of what is happening and be a social pariah.

CN Forum league here, requires registration, but fairly quick and easy to enter (if you spend as short a time considering outcomes as I did).
Of course! It would be crazy if I didn't take the chance to win some extra cash this summer from wagering for the WC. Thanks for the recommendation, mate! I also find this website which has ranked some of the best betting sites out there - you can check it out too at: <moderated> Good luck!
I could just keep quiet about it, and rejoice in a guaranteed medal position, or I could bump this back up the board, pointing out that it closes at 14:00 CET tomorrow.

Predict 16 2nd round teams, 8 quarterfinalists, 4 semifinalists etc. No need to predict scores or individual group matches: it is quick and requires no close knowledge.