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For all this talk of proof and lack there of showing they are clean, the only way Sky and Froome are going to go down (if they are doping) is the USPS and Armstrong route. Before the ruling, the vast majority thought USPS and Armstrong was clean. But that proof only happened because Armstrong was a *** to everyone, unretired, and pissed Landis off. Without those Armstrong would still be clean in the majorities eyes. Froome and Sky don't seem as egotistic as Armstrong and USPS in my opinion.

Now if there was a button that revealed all there was about Froome and Sky, I would think the one's that were claiming they are doping would be happier than the fans of him and the team. The doping crowd wants proof and they would have gotten it either outcome but would have to swallow their pride about being wrong. The fans on the other hand would be elated they were right this whole time or devastated that they were lied too. Now of course there will be a small sum on each side that this doesn't apply too.

Froome doesn't have to release his personal health information to the public. but what he has released has had discrepancies that can't be written off as forgetting a piece of information. All this proof of doping that his defenders want will most likely never happen because either they were clean and legit or he and Sky have an Armstrong and USPS fall from grace.

It is easy to forget that 'The Clinic' is a puny place as far as population is concerned.
I wouldn't use the word 'puny', I'd use the word 'unknown'.

Its a highly niche forum, with niche issues discussed in great depth and great detail. Some of the posting is highly informed, some isn't. The encyclopaedic knowledge of some posters is quite impressive.

Yes, some people jump to conclusions, and there is a tendency towards confirmation bias and a somewhat prismatic view of everything, but within all of this is some real knowledge and quality.

The one thing I do know about the British public is that they are just like everyone else...they don't know much about niche issues like the underlying problems with Team Sky.

But...if it comes up in conversation, despite some of the more frantic anti-British rhetoric on here, my experience is that they are very open and interested, and not anywhere near as dogmatically nationalistic as a few clinic posters would have you believe
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Jul 20, 2020
It will be interesting to see how much the Clinic will put Israel Start Up Nation under scrutiny next year now that Froome is there.
Just putting it out there......
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