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Fuglsang on his and his opponents' watts

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Nibali is not pushing his very best numbers, and a minor difference like 50 Mt in VAM (which is what I'd estimate between peak Nibali and today) actually translates to a lot of time in a 70 minute effort.

But this doesn't prove those performances are credible. The numbers are insane.

He is not pushing his best numbers, he's riding close to a Nibali who would land on the podium 2-3 years ago against Dumoulin, Quintana, Froome. Now he is destroyed by Hindley, Hart and Bilbao. What is this?
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BTW pretty amusing that Fuglsang comments on other riders watts while pushing probably his highest watts ever at the end of a GT.

Has he published his watts?

Fuglsang has rarely reached the end of a GT without having had some kind of physiological problem or not being a captain. So it's difficult to compare. Ahead of the Giro, I would see his achievement at Stelvio as normal, compared to Bilbao, Kelderman etc. Add to that, the tough weather conditions favor a guy like him.
Is it just a coincidence that the recent doping cases in GT's have had to do with riders who are way off the Top 10, including Quintana who proved to be in mediocre shape?

It’s not a coincidence, it also isn’t recent. Two types of riders have always been more likely to be caught, guys who can’t afford competent assistance and guys who take risks because they are desperate or under more pressure. This is often assumed to be the assembled authorities picking some scapegoat or throwing some nobody to the wolves, but they don’t have to do anything conspiratorial to get the same result. It’s structural that small fry or guys in form trouble are more likely to walk into a control and pee hot. While riders who have competent and expensive doctors are paying them primarily to make sure that doesn’t happen.
It´s certainly questionable that we are seeing all time records being broken left and right in a season with limited testing. I think Rick already mentioned it. Feels like half the peleton is on a whole new level compared to last year. It´s not like one or two riders are doing it. Entire teams look like they are leagues above the rest.
Sunweb for example wasn´t doing anything special last season or prior to the corona break. After the restart they looked like a Quickstep/Ineos hybrid. Dominating the hilly classics and dropping guys like Fuglsang and Nibali with a mountain train that is doing record breaking numbers.
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