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Watch out everyone!
The new Finnish Cycling Mafia is coming. They have a very strict distribution of the roles:

Kjell Carlström: Chairman of the Board
Jussi Veikkanen: CEO
Charly Wegelius: Eating!

Look, I got it straight from the horse's mouth.

The Finnish Cycling Mafia had it's first AGM today. Chairman of the Board is @kjellcarlstrom, CEO was @jussiveikkanen. I just ate.
Apr 14, 2011
News from Bolivia - the UCI has refused to recognise the first two stages of the Vuelta a Bolivia because 10 stages is two more than the maximum permitted 8 for a 2.2 stage race. The race director says that the rules were changed after the course had been presented.

This is a rule that could have consequences for a number of South American races - Colombia, Venezuela, Tachira for example (unless long running races have exemptions?).
from my point of view contador married= less sex(lets face it its a fact :p)= more steam he needs to blow out on the races= giro 2011 form all year long

anyway congratz to him, always cool to see a guy that even tho became an absolute star still loves the girl he loved before he got famous (also another fact, fame= more+hotter chicks :p)
May 6, 2009
Back on topic, Contador said in the article on the front page that he is looking at the idea of going to Argentina and riding the Tour of San Luís next year. Knowing Contador, he will probably win. It would be good for San Luís if Contador does ride, it will be great publicity for them.
Jul 16, 2010
The Hitch said:
I think its like how in this country when Prince whatshisname and his girl got married earlier this year, a lot of couples booked their wedding for that weekend. :p
Prince Albert of Monaco?
Jun 16, 2009
Ferminal said:
Luis Leon, Kelderman and Matthews to sweep the podium.
In all seriousness, LLS will be their GC man I guess with Matthews for stage wins. LLS always seems to have good early season form.
greenedge said:
Kelderman will be racing at the most prestigious event next year. THE ONE, THE ONLY
Personally i like it but everyone else hates it/ At least it's better than Qatar and shows all the new teams.
Interesting to see Luis Leon taking up his usual season planning again. Not a bad idea, I reckon.

Kelderman asked his team if he could start early, because he had to end this season prematurely, and apparently they took his request quite literally.