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Teams & Riders Geraint Thomas

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he is 36 now, so only really capable of one major peak or objective. plus he's slightly off having been ill/not raced since oz. He'll ride into the giro, won't be the form man having won trentino, etc being the highest placed gc contender in the first week like he has been previously.

He’s completely off the pace though. Ineos won’t take you to a grand tour if you aren’t in form. They didn’t take Thomas to the Tour in 2020.
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If he was going to the Tour de France there still would be plenty of time to get in shape. But the Giro d'Italia is already looming around. I just don't see it. Especially after today's display.

Their other Giro d'Italia riders currently are on an altitude camp. Arensman is a good TT'er as well and an upcoming talent.

Currently I'd say that Tao Geoghegan Hart ends up being their leader at the Giro d'Italia. If he goes through with his shape after the altitude camp. Arensman of course a 2nd option.
He’s completely off the pace though. Ineos won’t take you to a grand tour if you aren’t in form. They didn’t take Thomas to the Tour in 2020.
He's been sick. Pretty sure he said 3 weeks behind as he was on antibiotics to clear the infection, but with no spleen I guess he has to be more sure he's 100% over illness as it could get more serious for him compared to riders with one. He's never been an evergreen racer like Roglic or Pogacr who have a 6 month long peak March to September it seems. He can hit last years Tour form for Giro, but like all contenders they need smooth buildup without too much illness or crashes, but that's pretty much what Thomas has fought through every year he's been at his best, or at least it always seems he has a massive crash and chases back his form just in time.
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Congratulations on leading the Giro d‘Italia!
Yeah, good to see him there…

I remember this Giro few years ago, when he crashed over this bottle, and had to leave the race early. He was super sharp back then, extremely low body fat percentage, looked to be in top shape. Suddenly the race was over.

I thought, what a waste, now he has to go home with this super good shape. I doubted he‘d return to the Giro. Now he‘s back there, and even leading. On of the anecdotes about this special rider, who went all the way from track racer to Harelbeke winner to TdF champion… :)
Would still have Roglic as a firm favourite but Thomas is clearly riding into form and is healthy having emerged largely unscathed from the crashes so far. Knows how to win a GT so is probably second Favourite but we’ve not yet had a hard raced mountain stage. That could change the complexion of the race completely.
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You shouldn't complain about it.
Roglic and Remco's threads are borderline unreadable.
There is also a Roglic vs Remco thread