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Teams & Riders Geraint Thomas

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Whether he wins this Giro or loses it, Thomas is riding at a level that I no longer thought possible which is remarkable at his age.

Unlike it happens with Roglič, that has many fans that are quick to point out that he crashed out of two Tours and one Vuelta, people often forget that Thomas crashed out of the Giro in 2017 and 2020, when he was SKY/Ineos leader. So, if he wins the race tomorrow, it will be a deserved one.
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He is so old his fans are already dead :tearsofjoy:.

Not far off, but he never had any forum fans. You could scroll back through this thread and be lucky to find a few comments about a podium result in an entire week stage race or something, whereas you'll get a few pages of comments for Roglic after finishing in the bunch of ONE stage of a one week stage race.

Froome creates more conversation, even today. A little baffling.
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I think G's performance can be put into perspective by the success of Pro-team Israel PT and his lack of winning a stage (Carapaz nearly did the same thing last year). Thinking about it, it was a good tactical move to let the break go and soft pedal for nearly the entire Giro. Ol' Man G could follow the wheels and save his energy for that 500m race at the end (apart from stage 8 when he followed Hart & Roglic).
If he wins this Giro, is it given that he is the 2nd greatest road cyclist from the uk? Some would say not second but the greatest because of froome's inhaler use.

It depends where and how you rate Cav I guess. Arguably the greatest sprinter ever (i know there are a couple more in that conversation), second most wins, also won a monument and the Worlds. However if you rate Grand Tours overall performance as the primary metric then even a podium at the Giro puts G him firmly in second as the best British road cyclist.

Personally i would have Cav up there in the conversation but that’s just me.
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Thomas has clearly been a better GT rider than Quintana in recent years even though Quintana has the better grand tour record. After Quintana's last Giro podium, he went backwards steadily. In 2013- 2015 he was Froome's main rival and most people thought Quintana could win a Tour at that point. Thomas' latter years have been much better than Quintana and Froome but then Froome had his disastrous accident...........
I hate that he is so under rated . I mean who at 37 can compete at this level ..He is one of the most versatile and best riders of his generation. He rode as a very loyal gregario for Froome for so many years without testing his own ability . Who knows how much more he might have won

And all the fan boys of betencur or remco or quintana or WVA, etc on here can do one