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Gesink Discussion Thread

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Aug 11, 2012
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Re: Re:

pastronef said:
[quote=""Jeff"":23iyfi5m]Robert Gesink is probably in training again, somewhere where its + 30 degrees.

Just to quit once again, because it's too cold.

he is training at altitude in Colorado[/quote]34 degrees in Denver.
Damn. It really looked like he's gonna make it at one point. Our Lord ain't got no love for poor Rob. Eventually it still was such a close call in his disfavor.

Good thing is: His shape looks more than just decently. Hopefully he's gonna try again for a stage win and maybe even polka dot on Thursday and Saturday. Gesink certainly was the strongest climber in todays breakaway. Pacing himself very well. So he shouldn't be afraid of De Gendt, Geniez, Fraile, Mate etc.

Would be supercool if he gets his stage win and reinvents himself in the very same way like Moncoutie did few years back at the Vuelta! All criticism apart, I'd be super happy for him. Especially after all that he's been through. I got very emotional today in front of the TV screen.