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Giro 2017, stage 10: Foligno - Montefalco 39,8km (ITT)

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webvan said:
Dekker_Tifosi said:
Still it's insane that Dumoulin kept Quintana to 24 seconds on Blockhaus. I'm still more confused on that performance than on this TT. The TT was expected more or less.

I mean, Blockhaus was not exactly softpedalled. After the initial attack, Quintana had 15 seconds. He only gained 9 more on Dumoulin in the remaining 5km.. If Dumoulin can keep that kind of climbing level.. he has to use his team, simple as that. There's no other way.

However, if Dumoulin shows signs of weakness before, he might not even need his team.

That was just one climb during the first week, x3 in the 3rd week and Dumoulin blows up big time.
Thing is, he doesn't really blow up. Not even in the Vuelta he lost, he was just 15s behind, it's that Astana had a team to pull there that cost him. Even on a bad day he can manage pace well.
So that's why I say Quintana might actually need his team. Where as normally you would have expected Quintana to be able to gain enough time on uphill finishes alone
My first post on this thread today! I must say I enjoyed watching the TT on YouTube streaming (Eurosport coverage). As people have said, Sean Kelly agreed that it's definitely a good comparison between Dumoulin and Indurain. Dumoulin looks like he is in great form. The way he paced the climb to the Blockhaus and the way he crushed everyone bar Thomas (ok so 49 seconds is still a decent margin) today was impressive. If he continues riding like this, Quintana will find it very hard to beat him, especially with that final flat TT. 2:23 is a healthy margin at this point of the Giro, but Dumoulin could lose all of this on the next MTF if Quintana is flying and Dumoulin isn't firing. And it's not just the Dutchmen who can lose this time, it can be anyone of the GC men so Dumoulin will need to race efficiently and hope that there aren't too many changes of rhythm and that the other GC men and their teams aren't aiding Quintana and Movistar. The fact that Kelderman abandoned is huge. An excellent climber with GC credentials like that by his side, Dumoulin would have felt more confident, but now he may need to rely only on his legs and his head with no significant team help in the high mountain passes. That will open him up for attacks and counter attacks. Movistar will surround Quintana with 3 or 4 guys and will play their cards. Nibali's team isn't as strong, but he's got bags of experience and he can peak for the final week of racing. I am not sold on Mollema. Too often in the past he would be in contention for a podium or a top 5 at the TDF only to drop off and lose places. This could very well happen again. Pinot didn't ride that well today. I think he'll attack in the mountains, but how often and how much can he gain, realistically? The other guys may be too far back for the win and even the podium: Pozzovivo, Zakarin, Jungels (a good climber, but not good enough), etc...Interesting to see what Thomas does.
A random shout out to The Cycling Podcast, really high quality stuff and I love listening to Daniel Friebe. Been listening to it for a good year now and fianlly signed up for 10 Euros to support them, they deserve that I think. The daily podcast, which also is pretty long, is gold!
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search said:
Breh said:
what time did Pelucchi get? So sad :(

Edit: rolled in about 16minutes slower than Dumoulin. Reckon Ewan wasn't too far from being out of time either.

+15:11 was the cut off time. So Ewan was pretty much safe while Pelucchi missed it by over a minute
Can't help but wonder how that happens. Saving yourself too much, having a tiny engine, or injury, fatigue, sickness?
When he wins a few GTs Dumoulin can start being compared with Indurain. So far he has proved nothing, just that the fact that he can ride a great TT which everyone knew anyway. I didn't know he was sick in the final week of the 2015 Vuelta which gives even more merit to his Vuelta ride. If he can keep his climbing consistent through three weeks and avoid having a bad day he is going to be a big threat in GTs. But still a long way to go in this race and I think there is more pressure on Quintana at the moment with another TT to come.