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Giro 2017, stage 12: Forlì – Reggio Emilia 229 km

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Great train from Bora... only to leave Selig out front too early at the end, so Bennett got swamped. If they had timed that 150 metres later it would have been old school HTC stuff. Zhupa was a bit unfortunate to try a Postlberger just as Postlberger hit the front.

By contrast, OPQS had little in the way of a dominant train but a great lead out and sprint. Their "train" used the Bora one to great effect.

Cance > TheRest said:
Greipel somehow managed to mess up his leadout again. He needs to be more cool and follow his teammates, like when Hofland went to the front. No wonder Gaviria wins, when he's got such great trust in his leadout train and cleverly folloes Richeze around everywhere he goes.

Greipel forgot his balls in Germany, not the first time.
Let's hope he brings them to the Tour because no way he's gonna beat Kittel like this.
Beaten to it!

Sky weren't that far back with about 15-20k to go but lost out a lot as they were on the wrong side of that big roundabout with about 10km to go. I guess they then ended up on the wrong side of a late split in the peloton - a few Sky riders were really going hard towards the end passing dropped riders
Re: Re:

Pricey_sky said:
Zinoviev Letter said:
Pricey_sky said:
Thomas loses another 30 seconds

How did he manage that?

Said he was suffering with his injuries yesterday, spotted a couple of Sky riders in the main bunch at the end so wasn't as if they were all riding full gas to limit his losses, maybe stage hunting week 3?

If he's in that much trouble it makes their decision to pull back Deignan yesterday seem bizarre. Surely at some point soon they have to do as you suggest and just go all out for stages. Let Thomas rest up and ditch about quarters of an hour on GC to set him up for the last week.