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Giro 2017, stage 14: Castellania – Oropa 131 km

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Whatever happens in the rest of the Giro, Dumoulin is now a serious contender for GTs.

That whole climb must have been unbelievably demoralising for Quintana. He even forgot his poker face on a couple of occasions when he looked back to see the pink giant lumbering after him relentlessly.
Aug 31, 2012
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Re: Re:

Eshnar said:
Irondan said:
What just happened? WTF!

Dumoulin is a beast!!!!!!!!!
it happened what already happened when he beat Froome in the Vuelta 2015. This kind of stages are good for him.

Good point.

Quintana was never going to break Dumoulin on a 20 min w/kg showdown, the road to victory for Quintana was always a multi-mountain stage with much more climbing, much more attrition.

But Dumoulin gained some valuable seconds today.