Giro 2017, stage 19: S.Candido/Innichen - Piancavallo 191 km

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Mayomaniac said:
An awesome stage and now I'm gonna post a few pics from the start.
I had a bad hair day and there was a bit of wind, so my hair looks like a mess on some of the pictures. :D
A pic with Saronni:

One with Ivan:

One with Landa:

And one with Winner:

Tons of fans from various countries, a few Colombians, a few Basque fans who talked with Landa (one of them looked like Taxus, but I didn't talk with him) Amador's girlfriend was also there at the teambus, so he was the last one who went to the start.

Wow, looks like you had an awesome time. Thanks for sharing!!! Ivan looks good :)
My prediction for the report from RAI early into stage 20:

"Tom Dumoulin was late to the start line today after having been interviewed by Laura Meseguer."

Forum then engages in a twenty page discussion as to the protocol on whether the riders should wait or not in such an event.
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WheelofGear said:
Zinoviev Letter said:
Oh for God's sake, the "Landa would have won" stuff is getting worse than the regular chorus of "Contador would have won". At least Contador has actually previously won the various races his devotees keep imagining him tearing up. Landa's career palmares to date consist of a small number of GT stages. I like the guy, but please God turn the hype dial down about four notches until he actually does something to earn it.
Landa would have won it if he didn't crash. :D

Unlike Quintana, he isn't afraid to take risks and attack from far out.

He takes risks from far out this Giro because he isn't riding for GC. He'd never go in the break or be allowed in the break if he was in contention.