Giro 2017, stage 7: Castrovillari - Alberobello 224 KM

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Lexman said:
sir fly said:
Anybody of you, folks, collecting the stickers?
Only footballers here.

I'm intending to do so, waiting for the album to arrive, main problem will be how to get the stickers...
Was really surprised to see and hear the guys in peloton are collecting and swapping the stickers. One of my favourite hobbies while the passion for EUROs and Mundials lasted.
King Boonen said:
dgodave said:
Brullnux said:
alspacka said:
What's the pace been like so far? Any chance of echelons?
I could be riding in this group.
I could be riding in this group on my Krampus.

Is that bottle to spray walkers who won't move?!
Ha. No. Its just the only place to put a 3rd bottle on that bike. And I prefer no hyd pack. Plus there were no walkers out there. Its pretty far out and up at 12,000 ft

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