Giro 2017, stage 7: Castrovillari - Alberobello 224 KM

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Valv.Piti said:
sir fly said:
Wanted to put some money on Pozzato, but there's no betting house in my neighbourhood offering Giro.
200 odds at a house further away from me. Couldn't get on time...
Morgan Freeman disapproves. BET365.COM
Needed a bus to get to them...
On-line betting doesn't function well here. I'd need a specific credit card to do it, and with my betting habits it would be a bother.
Maybe the scheme was to get into the break, thus making people think he'd be some kind of contenter for the day, and then... just dropping back to the bunch. :cool:
Though... he probably should have stayed in the break for a little while longer... :p