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Giro d'Italia Giro d‘Italia 2024, Stage 4 Acqui Terme-Andora, 190 km

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Honestly I think Milan currently weighs a bit more than the 84kg that is listed on PCS but could be wrong.

Its incredible to see a road sprinter reaching almost 2000 watts after 190km, even a very big one like Milan, track sprinters were doing around 2100-2200 watts during the Champions League last year.

Genuinely surprised that Groves was the sprinter that came closer to him.
Even more surprising that he's actually pretty good in the Flandrian hills.
Stages like the last couple just continue to remind me how much more entertaining the sport has been of late. So much attacking, so little conservative, boring riding dominated by a single team.

Such an improvement over the stranglehold era of Postal/Sky. Yes, there are a few riders who are so dominant as to make some of the races boring, but the day-to-day racing in the GT's is a breath of fresh air for this old fan.
Agreed about the Giro so far, but the rest of the spring this year has been poor and the two previous Giri were the worst of the century.
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Jakobsen actually made it over the climb! Then got squeezed in the final kilometer so couldn't sprint (and he was too far back, but still).
interestingly, in Jakobsen's Instagram post after the stage it first said "Next stage I focus on is #11", while it has meanwhile been edited to "Tomorrow looks like another chance".

But no idea if he even manages his social media himself. Maybe someone just mixed things up. In an interview he said that tomorrow should be good for him.