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Giro d'Italia Giro d’Italia 2024, Stage 14: Castigliano delle Stiviere – Desenzano del Garda, 31.2k (ITT)

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TOP Ganna
Agree, I think Pogacar went very hard in the first part to gain as much as possible as it suited him more, with the risk he'd fade later. Ganna meanwhile properly negative split it, and made up ground where he is best.
That first part was the one that suited Pogacar more anyway. I wasn't surprised that Pogi was ahead of Ganna at the first TT. And of course Ganna was always gonna take massive time on the part that suited him more.
Congrats to Ganna on a superb performance. Also congrats to Pog on a very good TT - as I expected he lost under 30 seconds. He and Ganna had the same time around halfway but then Ganna's engine prevailed in the fastest part of the course. It's also possible that Pog actually did a positive split strategy here to maximize his gains in the hillier section (or did it unintentionally) and lacked a bit at the end.

Anyway, Pog put substantial time into GC guys again and his advantage is approaching 4 minutes already. It seems he's almost won the Giro thanks to TTs alone and no big efforts in the mountains are needed. But oh boy, he looks really thin. I don't doubt he could demolish opposition on climbs with todays performance (that rivalled Filippo the Tank Engine for most of this quite fast TT).
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