Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 16: Udine › San Daniele del Friuli (229k)

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Capital victory for Tratnik.
Battled out harder than it looked half an hour ago.
Congrats to O'Connor for the return in contention, but took plenty out of him.

And not the effort to underestimate from Malecki for the podium.
Pacing of this three stages was always one of the weak parts of the Giro route. And it showed today.

But soft pedaling today might mean a more interesting race tomorrow. Very curious to see what can happen on the Bondone. That side is nasty (I think the entire Tour might have only had one harder climb - Loze - funny that it is only an afterthought at the Giro).
Surely Bondone isn't harder than Col de la Madeleine
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