Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 18: Pinzolo - Laghi di Cancano 207 km

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In whose bag is the queen stage of this Giro

  • Vincenzo Nibali

    Votes: 19 28.8%
  • Antonio Nibali

    Votes: 47 71.2%

  • Total voters
Kelderman will probably do better than Tao in the TT, so he just has to restrict his losses here to 2' or so.

And for TGH to put 2+ minutes into Kelderman on the final climb, he'll probably have to ditch Dennis and climb himself. And when he starts doing that, he makes it easier for Hindley to gain time near the top.

As I type this, Kelderman's gap is growing.
Which would make my point even stronger.

Your second argument is interesting, though. We will see.

But I guess together, Hindley and Keldermann would now be like 30s behind and not 1:30 Keldermann is now.
I am quite sad. I did believe Nibali can somehow win this race with an epic ride this week.
This is definitely and of one era.
Tinkoff can return now. :D
Probably one-two years and Slovakia will be without a pro-tour rider next 20 years.

Stelvio is really amazing.