Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 21: Cernusco sul Naviglio – Milano 15.7 km ITT

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Tao should have the advantage on paper, but does Hindley have slightly better legs? Unable to ride away today. Both dug deep. It will depend on who recovers best and who gets the momentum going from the start tomorrow. 15,7km... just go full gas for as long possible and hope you make it to the finish before running completely empty. They both got everything to ride for.
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The moment for Hindley to win was on Madonna di Campiglio or Torre de Fraele.
There was too much that’s happened after, and no way of knowing how it would have worked out, and nobody could have predicted Dennis going all Ride-of-the-Rohirim, twice, at the time, but Kelderman closing the gap to Hindley, when he really should have let Hart do it, looks like a worse and worse move every day since. It turned out to be the last time they had him isolated, and in hindsight was their best chance of the Giro to make him do some work.
Aug 17, 2020
For all the bitching and moaning about this stage, and I thought the same, it turned out somewhat exciting. The closeness of the overall helps in the excitement too.
Very few previous TTthrough either of their careers where they were riding them late in an event with an individual incentive to do a great performance.

I would pretty much throw TT records out of the window and think this is more on who handles the pressure better and who still has a bit more left in the tank.

At least both will be in special jersey wearers suits so it won’t end up about marginal gains on skin suits.


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