Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2021 stage 16: Sacile - Cortina d'Ampezzo 212km

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I would like to see GC guys battling for the stage win for a change. Nothing against smaller teams and lesser known riders getting their big wins on famous climbs, but it has happened with such regularity on non-sprint stages of the race this year, that having it happen again on the queen stage would feel more than a little anticlimactic.

Bernal have clearly been the strongest GC rider so far, but he too lacks a signature win. Campo Felice was nice, but more like as a prelude, not as a crescendo.
Yeah, if they drill the Pordoi descent and keep on riding afterwards Remco is screwed. That said, he's probably gonna loose a ton of time on the Giau ascent and close to 1min on the descent...
If Trek want to get rid of him they should have Nibali going all out on the Pordoi descent with Ciccone on his wheel.
Nibali still being there at the top of Pordoi? Where do I sign? Although tbh I can't discount the 80man Ineos led peloton there and I hate it.
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I have been looking forward to this stage ever since the start.. I haven't been able to watch the Giro this much this year, and also have found it rather dull the times I have watching apart from a few occasions. This cant disappoint, right?
To be perfectly honest I only really expect fireworks on Giau, and perhaps quite late on Giau too. GC dudes might crack before that, but I'm not extremely hyped.
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Just wasn't as trendy at the time. But I agree, the weird thing is that he partly sits so upright that you hardly realize how fast he is going.
Sitting aero in the first place was less trendy, judging by everyone just pedalling. The thing with Nibali that freaks me out the most is how hard he swerves around cars and motors as well as how casually he'll take hands off the the handlebar at 80kph