Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2022 route rumors

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I think you are wrong. I think we will see some decent action on stage 12 to Genova. Maybe a late attack on the Brocco, but then with an exciting downhill to follow things up. I also disagree with the assumption that Castelmonte and Fedaia will be raced only in the last km's for sure. It will depend a bit on the GC and how strong the pink yerseysholders team is of course. But I think we are quite likely to see some action from far out. And I think the same might apply for stage 16 to Aprica even.

Obviously you always need some ingredients to get that kind of racing. There should be some good riders/teams which are already quite a bit ahead in GC, and the leaders teams should not be too strong. But for example if you look at Giro 2020 the last two mountain stages where on paper much more underwhelming than in this years edition (with Sestriere) but ultimately delivered very nice racing for me. Even with a fluke winner, that of course is a disaster.
There is no Becco, it has been cancelled.
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Becco has the profile under. The most difficult section is a 3 km, 8 % section over 22 km of flat and descent before the finish. This makes it pretty unlikely to anything special will happen. And Genova is surrounded by hilly and lower mountains, so it woudn't be difficult to create a 220-230 km medium mountain stage.

As stated above, I'm at least 90 % certain that the Fedaia stage will end up with an attack the last 5 km. Pordoi is too easy and there is too much valley between to create much action earlier on the stage.

Yeah, I was looking at this stage profile, which actually seemed quite nice to me:

But apparently the route was changed to this:

Which is not very nice. But still looking forward to the final week. :D
Im mostly just disappointed in the stage in Aosta and somewhat in the stage in the Dolomites. The first one is very bad, the Fedaia-stage will probably be a wait for the last 5. But otherwise doesnt look too bad, Blockhaus, Aprica and stage 17 looks super selective.
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