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Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 10: Scandiano – Viareggio 196 km

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Great effort by the break but a ridiculous chase by the bunch. They couldn't chase down two and a half minutes in 60 kms ? And still lost by 50 seconds...........with 5 kms to go the chase switched off when Astana moved over.
Half of the field was scattered behind the main group after the descent, Astana, Barhain and Trek used all their man to chase.
The only team that maybe screwed up was DSM and SQS, but their rider weren't favourite in the sprint.
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Are you counting Thomas and Geoghegan Hart as different nationalities?
(Assuming you're talking GC.)
I assume he sees Thomas as Welsh, TGH as Scottish or Irish, and Carthy as English.

Pretty sure if you're Welsh you're also always British.
The joke is that whenever someone from Wales or Scotland does well they become British, but they'll return to being Welsh/Scottish the moment they become piss poor again.
I'm pretty sure it was this year, but even I don't ever want to see it again.

You know... you were the person I suspected as having posted that sort of nonsense.

And guess what, I was right:

More like this one


(Though it appears the picture got deleted, except when the post hasn't been posted yet... )
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Just had a bit time to watch he last 20k, and everyone looked knocked completely cold, the sprint between the three painfully displaying everybody being plain empty, di Marchi for the 2nd time very, very empty
Pedersen, however, looked like a fresh boy, but easy when everyone are completely cooked.