Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 12: Bra - Rivoli 179 km

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Formolo still chasing a 3 minute gap like a mad man the day before the queen stage with his team leader on the podium.

The Portuguese Jihad were right all along, he constantly gets done dirty.
Formolo is never the guy who can do the highest w/kg on one climb, but he has great endurance and can ride hard for an eternity. He can set a high pace for Almeida on multiple climbs.
His climbing style is just ugly as hell, I wouldn't really call it acting. He is one hell of a descender.
You can be on the limit of breaking for a part of the climb, but you can't be on the limit of breaking from the bottom to the top and just keep hanging on with every tempo change if the other guys are better climbers. I just don't buy that. And it's not the first time we've seen him do this.
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Congratulations to Nico Denz for winning the stage.

Emotions that came with it, that is always nice to see. Thankfully a bit better weather conditions today and no real GC action. All waiting for tomorrow. Kuss was riding in a breakaway mostly due to the fact he got bored riding in the peloton. Was changing the battery and sticking fingers in front wheel. Like all the time. At some point you have to draw the line. As we still need Kuss tomorrow. The fans.