Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 21: Roma - Roma 126 km

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Milan got sick the night before the Tre Cime stage and only had about 1.5H of sleep before that one. He's just cooked. That said, Pasqualon is also not able to do a proper leadout, this time he even managed to block Milan and forced him to move wide to the left to get around him after launching his sprint.

I don't think the swerve had any influence at all on the sprint. Those things look much more dramatic on a front-on view than they are for the riders. He just had no legs.
Cort and Healy on their way home from the Giro

I don't think he walked it or ran up it, that was just a throwaway line when they asked him if he was ever up the mountain and he said he was there by foot a long time ago. Unless I am not aware of more recons he did..

He put up pics on social media when he ran up it. If other teams can't follow what a big fav is doing that's their fail.
So who else reckons Ineos & Thomas were attempting a stealth attack like in the Dauphiné two years ago when they launched Thomas in the final technical km's of a stage which he won?

It seems like a pretty funky coincidence he suddenly found himself at the front of the bunch "for reasons" (which is what his post race interview implied). I think they sort of fancied a stage win + 5 second gap.

Other than that, well done everyone for not wrecking themselves or each other (Ackermann notwithstanding) & causing a split in the bunch. I think one of these days a GC leader on the last day of a GT is going to lose the race due to a crash or mechanical. The writing is on the wall.
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