Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 21: Roma - Roma 126 km

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that was a symbolic moment. I've been on these pages for the last 10 years, because of Sky. then for any Brit
yesterday was something great. Thomas leading the peloton for Cav.
the amount of mocking, joking, insults Cav got in these last few years. he's finished, he sucks, etc.
and then bang! he delivers once again. once again, and again.
the British flag still flying year after year after year.
two friends from the British cycling track team, from Sky.
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So who else reckons Ineos & Thomas were attempting a stealth attack like in the Dauphiné two years ago when they launched Thomas in the final technical km's of a stage which he won?

It seems like a pretty funky coincidence he suddenly found himself at the front of the bunch "for reasons" (which is what his post race interview implied). I think they sort of fancied a stage win + 5 second gap.

Other than that, well done everyone for not wrecking themselves or each other (Ackermann notwithstanding) & causing a split in the bunch. I think one of these days a GC leader on the last day of a GT is going to lose the race due to a crash or mechanical. The writing is on the wall.
well thomas nearly got taken out in that Ackermann crash.

Still, the memes are glorious & probably the best part of the Giro.

I dunno, I thought it was very cool. In the grand scheme of things the stage was meaningless, so why not help out an old friend? I loved the visuals -- you could see Thomas pull up alongside Cav and practically mouth the words "I'll pull for you" -- then Thomas unleashes a Remco-level leadout to keep Cav in perfect position.
Congratulations to Mark Simon Cavendish MBE for winning the sprint.

Just a couple of days after announcing retirement. And considering Giro was the first GT he took a stage win. Full circle. His leadout man Thomas doing a fine job. That should be noted too.
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