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Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023, Stage 6: Napoli – Napoli 162 km

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Why? I am not super fond of that category of riders (hardmen-sprinters who can climb well), but among them I like Pedersen best. I like his dry humour, and he's actually a smart rider.
He's very vanilla, just quite bland and he looks ugly in the bike. He always robs more interesting riders of victories and in the last 2 years he only won in boring ways (worlds and gent wevelgem were good) . And yeah I also don't like these hard men sprinters who can climb, it's annoying to me watching stages where trek or someone similar is drilling the pace so you know the electric sprinters won't get back and the break won't make it. Just makes races a slow wind to an inevitable finish. I don't have any animosity to him as a person but as a rider he is like unseasoned overcooked rice
Ridiculous road furniture in the final 20km. That traffic sign left unprotected (which led to the Thomas incident) was crazy. If it had been raining, it would have been total carnage.
Tuned back in with 8k to go and the entire finale from there on out was perfectly fine, wide and untechnical, but with enough curves to prevent things from bunching up completely. You just can't avoid road furniture all day, especially not when almost all of the final 40k is in urban areas, so I don't see what RCS should have done differently aside from protecting that traffic sign.
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