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Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023 Stage 8: Terni – Fossombrone 207 km

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That attack from Roglic looked super smooth, almost as if he wasn't going all out. That could be deceptive of course.

Remco on the other hand looked really uncomfortable, hard to know whether that was a result of crashing or just not being able to close the gap to Roglic and then blowing up. The real danger sign was being out descended by Almeida of all people, that's not encouraging.
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Arensman had technical issues yesterday: “My chain came off at the top of the last climb. As a result, I lost the connection with the classification group”.

He wasn't really with the best GC guys anyway, but this explains why he dropped from group Kämna to the one behind.
To be fair though, I would never call an attack in the first half of a climb to be in its last meters, no matter how short the climb is. And the climb proper was less than 2 km, so 1.4 km from the top is almost from the bottom.

EDIT: @ammattipyoraily measured the length of the climb as 1.70 km. So 1.4 km from the top would be after 17.6 % of the climb was done ...
I made my observation based on the information that the length of the last climb had 2.8k extension. Yes I recognized that even based on that extension making an attack 1.4k from
The summit shouldn’t be classified as the last few meters but halfway through the climb.