Giro d'italia pink wristbands

May 14, 2009
Many of the riders in the Giro are wearing pink wristbands which are being sold at all the stages to raise money for the Abruzzo earthquake relief. Does anyone know if they can be bought on the internet?
Mar 10, 2009
ElChingon said:
You might want to look on the internet and see if they are available if you're interested. :rolleyes:
Actually, difficult to find on internet. "Pink wristband" is "braccialetto rosa", and the catchphrase by Di Luca is "Abruzziamo", kind of "let's Abruzzo", if it is of any help.

Yesterday, during the Italian broadcast, some spectator asked how to buy them online, but I didn't listen to the answer. :eek:
Okay, it's not the exact same, but for an equally worthy cause, and would make a good conversation piece: Breast Cancer Bracelet.


If you're not interested in a bracelet, perhaps you'd like to enter a raffle to help the Abruzzo victims to win this: