Giro d'italia Stage 21: Torino – Milano 178 kms

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WheelofGear said:
hfer07 said:
Landa to give Contador his front wheel when he puntures, as a big F U to Astana
More likely the other way around. The same thug of a cameraman causes Contador to crash. Vino holds him back while Zeits give him his front wheel. Tinkoff-Saxo is now forced to take up chase and is using all their men in a fake crosswind created by the Giro organizers. GPS goes full genius and show a gap of 13:05 (but it's really only 3:05).

Astana train has split the peloton to pieces and a crash involving VDB2 and Monfort arguing about who deserves to get 11th the most causes Aru to go down as well. The Saxo group is catching Aru with ease. Lulu with Landa clued to his wheel are now leading a tiny group of 12 men with no sprinters in it. The spanish Astana man wins the reduced sprint and overall with 1 second (the Saxo group didn't gain or lose any time after the crash).

They all (Contador, Zeits) get a time penalty including Vino who has to miss out the first 2 minutes of the winning ceremony while Landa is lifting the trophy and Aru is making a suffering grimace. Tinkov is beating up Vino while he is serving his time time penalty but decides to buy him as a team manager for 2016 since he likes his style of winning a race.
What a mess you must have in your had that you are able to write such a post
I am curious how long it took you to write it :)
Jul 5, 2011

Velolover2 said:

Oleg looks creepy as hell with that new hairdo.
All happiness and good cheer at TS. A lunatic or even a chimp would have deployed his riders with more sense yesterday. The man is a total liability.