Guess Who - Game

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Active male.
On WorldTeam? Yes
Raced this year? Yes
European? Yes
On team of own nationality? Yes
Other rider(s) of his nationality on his team? Yes
Under 27? Yes
Raced outside Europe this year? Yes
WT wins? No
French? Yes
Under 24? No
Started Liege Bastogne Liege? Yes

On team that did the Giro last year? No
Finished L-B-L? Yes
Any wins? Yes
Quentin Jauregui? No
Aurélien Paret-Peintre? No
Well, to be fair, it's not that I forgot about them, I forgot they were WT this year because they usually get every invite they need anyway as a ProConti team prior to the restructuring, thanks to the Tour and Vuelta wildcards being pretty much sacrosanct and a full calendar of French and Spanish races plus the majority of the northern Classics and flatter races being on the books thanks to Laporte and previously Bouhanni. They've been doing their niche for several years as a wildcard team that I'd just got used to Ag2r and FDJ being the ones flying the flag at the WT level. I also have a tendency to slowly pick up cycling for the season, with many of the early season races just being hors d'œuvres, with the Nordic sports taking centre stage in my attention until approximately Paris-Nice/Tirreno-Adriatico time.


Female? No
Active? Yes
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