Guess Who - Game

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It is Dal Cin, who always grabs my attention as the owner of a very unlikely looking surname in any language, especially when hyphenated (which many cycling web sites do, but I think is inconsistent with its Italian origins).

Before I looked it up, I had believed that Quebec and some areas on the Atlantic coast were French speaking (not info I carry in my head, but I could find it if I had to), and everywhere else English speaking, but I checked, and it seemed not really accurate to say that Ottawa is within the "English-speaking part": it seems more like a separate zone than some kind of Venn intersection.

AC - I'd count Christoforou as European rather than Asian as Cyprus is in the EU and it's not on the Asian landmass like Anatolian Turkey.

del is correct, it's Hagiwara. I think she's the only one that would still be possible. Yonamine started the World Championships in Harrogate, and apart from the Bahraini girls on VIB who haven't raced in Europe yet this season, I think that's more or less it for women from Asian island nations in UCI teams - though it's always possible somebody hires Huang Ting-Ying mid-season hoping she can get her 2016 sprinting legs back.
Well, we'd already established it was an island nation. I was explaining why a country in the EU would be considered Europe for the purposes of the game, while Turkey is split between Europe and Asia, despite Cyprus being off the southern coast of the Asian part of Turkey.