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Guess Who - Game

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Sergey (Sergeyevich) Lagutin is correct: I was goign to add "outside his adopted country" to the answer about a third name if people remained stuck.

I had Fischer as my pick a few weeks ago.

(and, because it is LS) Does one need to be incredibly obsessive about cycling, even by the standards of this forum, to have heard of him/her?
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I would hope it's not, but you never know. It's not Nguyễn Tán Hoài, who I was tempted to go for recently, but seeing as it turns out there's actually not as many people as I thought there might be that have got into following the HTV Cup in the absence of any other (real) racing - YMMV on the virtual racing of course, but I just can't get excited by it at all, whereas I've actually got really into the HTV Cup - I'll take a rain check on pushing the boat out too much on that type of rider for a bit.
Yes, sorry for hitting GC instead of GT.
Is it to be taken in this game then that "won a race" includes "won a stage"? I'm not sure that has ever been clear...
Or, looking again, do you mean that the answer below that comment was answered on that assumption?
Libertine Seguros answered this question of mine "Has he won a race (including stages) that would have been part of 2020 World Tour? " which includes GT stages
Libertine Seguros answered this question of mine "Has he won a race (including stages) that would have been part of 2020 World Tour? " which includes GT stages
OK, thanks, I looked at the answer, which abbreviated the question, rather than the original question. I also realised that my uncertainty made no sense when the answer to race was no and to stage was yes.

So stage wins are counted if the question simply asks about "wins", but not if the question is race wins: is that our convention?
Not from a country where German is an official language.
Born on or after 1/1/1970
Never top 5 in a Grand Tour
Not from a former Warsaw Pact country

I would say that I include stages as wins (at least individual stage wins. TTT wins are a bit more contentious I guess) as they do go on the win stats and are crucial for, e.g. sprinters who will only contest GCs at bonus second festivals like the World Ports Classic but might not have won any one-day races.

He is Niklas Axelsson, by the way. Fairly obscure by this point due to his late start and two brief moments of prominence between time spent on the naughty step, but prominent enough to find given he has a GT top 10 and a Monument podium to his name.