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Guess Who - Game

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Does he have any relatives who have competed internationally in cycling? I don't think so, but maybe you're better informed
Does he have any relatives who have competed internationally in biathlon? Yes

Boris Fillon-Maillet? Oui (or Fillon-maillot as PCS call him). The cousin of the world's third best male biathlete, Quentin. Quentin had apparently done both cross country-skiing and archery as a child, but Boris was the one who introduced him to biathlon, and he never looked back. The two cousins also did a track scratch race race together in 2015, in which Jeanne Longo competed in a different class. Quentin also competed in the 2018 and 19 editions of the race.

He isn't the only biathlete with a track cycling history though, cause his compatriot Émilien Jacquelin did it as a child and has said that the experience he got from it helped him beat Joannes Bø in the pursuit at the 2020 WC in Antholz.